The Intro Box

Ultra Firming Organic Eye Cream by Consonant

The hero ingredient is Zinc Oxide. A potent natural anti-inflammatory ingredient that also reflects light to reduce the appearance of under eye circles. HydrExtreme plumps and hydrates for a more radiant appearance while Vitamin B3 and E protect and moisturize.

Suggested retail price: $36 CAD 


Super Sensitive Face Foam by Graydon

Super gentle cleanser with a creamy feeling foam texture infused with a bevy of great actives to tone and smooth your skin. It's perfect for a wide variety of skin types from sensitive, combination and oily!

Suggested retail price: $28 CAD 


Get the Funk Out by Demes Natural

Made with a blend of essential oils that pack a deodorizing and germ fighting punch.  The lavender scent is an effective deodorizer and is sage to use near pets and in nurseries.

Suggested retail price: $8.99 CAD 


Activated Charcoal Bristle Toothbrush by Brush Naked

Binchotan charcoal infused nylon bristle and 100% moso bamboo. Charcoal bristles act like a magnet for plaque and tannins.

Suggested retail price: $5.99 CAD 


Breathe Salt Soak by Epic Blend

This uplifting soak is made with mind (and sinus) clearing eucalyptus, tangy lime, and refreshing spearmint essential oils. Because sometimes you just need to stop and breathe.

Suggested retail price: $5.98 CAD