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Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Did you know that women on average use 168 chemicals every day? It’s true! Think about it, we use shampoo, conditioner, hair product, body wash, face wash, body cream, face cream, make up, deodorant, nail polish, sun screen, and the list goes on. The reality is that some of these chemicals with long term use can cause serious health issues.

How many times do you stop and read the labels and investigate each ingredient in the products that you use? Chances are you don’t, especially if it’s a product that you have been using for years without any issues. I used to only read the labels on the front of the bottle and was never concerned with the ingredients. I assumed that the cosmetic industry in Canada and the US was heavily regulated, but I recently discovered that my assumption was based more on fallacies then fact. Consider this, in the EU there are over 1300 substances prohibited for use in cosmetic products [i] , whereas in Canada the number is about half that [ii] , and in the US the list is even smaller. Now I suspect that there are a lot of good, legitimate, substantiated reasons why there are substances banned in the EU that are not banned in Canada or the US; however, the intent of this blog is not to argue for or against the rationale behind the current cosmetic industry regulations.

As time passes and science becomes more advance new discoveries are made every day; unfortunately it takes time for this information to result in change; therefore, I believe the onus is on us, the consumers. We need to take the time to educate ourselves and be more informed about the ‘potential’ hazards lurking in our skin and beauty products.

The one last thing that I would like to add is that what works for me might not work for you, we are all uniquely and beautifully different, but if you are reading this blog I assume that you are on a quest to live a healthy lifestyle, so it’s important to take the time to discover what ‘healthy’ means to you.

Below are my top 3 tips on transitioning to personal care and beauty products that align with your health and longevity goals.

1. Start Slowly

I suggest starting with one product at a time. I started with my toothpaste. I researched and tried 3 products until I found one that I liked at the price I was willing to spend.

2. Do your Research

Choose products that only contain ingredients that you deem as harmless (you should be able to pronounce most of these ingredients). Stay far away from anything that has fragrance or coloring.

3. Simple is Usually Better

Think about it…. it really shouldn’t take 22 ingredients to get your hair clean.

4. You have Options

You might try a product and hate it, but that’s no reason to go back to an old toxic product that you fell in love with years ago, keep trying until you find something that you love and loves you back.

My next blog will discuss some of the ingredients commonly found in skin and beauty products, specifically focusing on the ingredients we should steer clear of.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post!



[i] Complete EU list of prohibited substances can be found here (starting on page 86)

[ii] Complete Canadian list of prohibited substances can be found here

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